Eternal shades of a Reverie


There he stands,singular
Majestic and amphoral
In pure filter of white cosmic rays
Holding nothing but
A few branches of ecstasy
(So like an eternal optimist in prelude )
Shielding nothing but
A few shades of divine feelings
( so like the white filtered streaks
pouring in from the heavens far above )
As the weary traveler, perforce
parks herself reluctantly
By the unknown roots of warm comfort
Beneath this vast cool shade,
submits involunteeringly,
Upon this broad reclining shoulder
In complete surrender
As if rested upon many years known.

As the denying body,mind & soul
remains restless
(without any expectation or result
as the logical rational mind
broken acceptances,
Upon dysfunctional relations,
and lonely confusions,
Built around strong reasons…
So is this,
this timely heavenly reprieve
of a few restive moments
Upon few shades of magical relief.

And so the weary traveler
Sleeps deep upon the temporary shadow of warmth
Strung upon stoic Sun’s shifting reprieve
And in these few brilliant moments
of tranquil still
In the absolute quiet
of ‘thoughtlessness’
the seeking thirsty tired soul
drowns herself upon a slumber deep
of nothingness
of belongingness
of timelessness
to be rudely awakened
(from this blissful eternal reverie , or so it seems ?)
By the dancing rays of the last bursting sun
in one glorious surge
of bright sunshine,
Nudging the slumbering soul
reluctantly at first & then seemingly
In slow motion of acceptance
before rising on,
moving on, once again
Upon the unbeaten path
This tireless journey continues
amidst the deep dark forest
In search
of another restive
of another tranquil reprieve
In the eternal shades of a reverie…

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  1. Binod Rai

    What a brilliant expression. Thanks for an amazing experience.


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