Dated: 11th May 2013

The tireless Seeker


In 50 glorious years of my buoyant existence,

Having trailed the path of a tireless seeker

Seeking far distant & beyond

 Blue comfort boundaries (&  purged careers)

In a desperate idealistic search

For that infinite fulfill & more….    

And then as if God sent In an eternal embrace..

And in a strange conscious surge,

There loomed Hope,

like some Heavenly white clouds Of cosmic relief!  

But alas,

So like the deathly mirage of time

So like the outward boisterous world  In an utter void of disillusionment

Of a perfect cause

Framed in puerile imperfections  

And in human grind & grime,

Of buoyant ideals

Submerged in sacrificial prayers, in dying benediction  !  

But now,

I have In an outward periphery of infinite search & hope

Lived & loved Moments 

More than the memories

Which I bury in a fading past

Deep in disillusionment

And as a flawed cynic, I console myself

This is Just another imperfection of the giving mind In an era of a cause

To “Give & get Give “  

But the holding mind

Alas like,  a blade of grass ties

Hope against hope In a sequential tryst

For a better day

A fuller day

A quieter hour

In eternal reprieve!  


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