Life is much more than an experience

The Arrival

Tara the unborn star, unseen, afar Many galaxies beyond when Shalini gave birth, To her precious little seed, waiting to unfold restless, upon our heavenly cosmos, in completeness. And in the vast vacuum of unfathomable silence, she grew as to her new terrestrial home she knew no doors, As she moved around in motionless slow

Across my balcony often

Across my balcony often ,I see her standingBy the early morning sunshineWorking quietly by herselfIn movements tenderAmidst the soft greensOf her potted plantsspread all around herIn an unseen embraceand in pure graceAs in a pure light of brotherly love …I seethe faint outline of herbeautiful straight white hairwaving in slow motionMerrily,In the stillness of theearly

Mother of mine

We saw her watching quietlybeside our cradle blue,comforting my twin and iAmidst our daily harmonic wailsseeking nothing beyondfew precious secondsof undivided playful attentionBut then without a wordthe glean of her soft black eyessmiled,at her little Red Devils equally,amidst their languid lyrical squealsof playful delightWhen suddenly,in a flashIt seemed as if ,A million rays of sparkling

Manchester by the Sea

The sea is calm tonight The tide is full , the moon lies fair Its the night of my dreams …. As I lose myself to a calling within I hear a celestial voice so pure far from the shifting dunes of our daily lives…. Singing perhaps, a soft lilting lullaby whispering by the shore,

Of Timelessness

Passing the transient trail Of pleasures strong I have searched deep within for that eternal dream Of a sublime feeling Called “love” drowned in love ness ness ? And as pure as the cosmic stream Far far beyond the heavens above in subtle refuge I thought i felt nothingness…. Of a fleeting transience for a

The way of Love

The way of love is never sheltered As in possession. Nor is it ever sheilded By any envelope of white feelings for neither can you capture, ever. As glass bowled sunlight by a precious chasm , As beautiful colours broken by a lonely prism, A million pieces of delight In one glorious spread… Or should

just another goodbye

I see her every morningacross her white breakfast tableRushing through with her warm green teaIn one fierce gulp of ecstasy,and along with the last dry crumbOf the burnt- up toastIn a hasty crushAs if , this was just another mealWhich needed to be done withAlong hectic life’s perpetual timeline.I see her then settle her sari

Can I ever ?

Can I not Lose myself From the aching within Can I not Free myself From the crying within Can I not Emerge myself From the soul within Can I not Tear myself From the shadows within and bury myself, deep Into the vast infinity of time Slowly, Upon the endless shores of love Into one