The way of Love

The way of love is never sheltered As in possession. Nor is it ever sheilded By any envelope of white feelings for neither can you capture, ever. As glass bowled sunlight by a precious chasm , As beautiful colours broken by a lonely prism, A million pieces of delight In one glorious spread… Or should

just another goodbye

I see her every morningacross her white breakfast tableRushing through with her warm green teaIn one fierce gulp of ecstasy,and along with the last dry crumbOf the burnt- up toastIn a hasty crushAs if , this was just another mealWhich needed to be done withAlong hectic life’s perpetual timeline.I see her then settle her sari

Can I ever ?

Can I not Lose myself From the aching within Can I not Free myself From the crying within Can I not Emerge myself From the soul within Can I not Tear myself From the shadows within and bury myself, deep Into the vast infinity of time Slowly, Upon the endless shores of love Into one


When i smell the white talcumsmeared across the soft bumsof the new born child,held tenderlyBy her protective mother’s armsacross my verandah,I think of her When i sight my morning porridgemixed in a sluggish slurby the chequered breakfast tableIn my morning rushi think of Farexyesteryears and beyond,I think of her… When I step across my landing

Desire !

Why are we tortured by desire? Why have we made desire into a tortious thing ? There is a constant desire for power , desire for position , desire for recognition, fame, sexual desire, desire to have money, to have a car and so on…what do we mean by the word desire? And why is

Good Friday Thoughts !

Many of us have experienced , at one time or another , that state when the “me” , the self , with its aggressive demands, has completely ceased, and the mind is extraordinarily quiet, without any direct violation ,the state within. Perhaps, one may experience something that is without measure, something that is impossible to

Letting Go

I have tried to Many years in motion solo wear thin my Bold armour of strong will and defiance, to the impregnable blue light of “Truth” and nothing less And unseen by my rugged vision of limitations i have never learnt to chug past these unfair contradictions which pop up like a burnt up toast