Across my balcony often

Across my balcony often ,I see her standingBy the early morning sunshineWorking quietly by herselfIn movements tenderAmidst the soft greensOf her potted plantsspread all around herIn an unseen embraceand in pure graceAs in a pure light of brotherly love …I seethe faint outline of herbeautiful straight white hairwaving in slow motionMerrily,In the stillness of theearly

Good Friday Thoughts !

Many of us have experienced , at one time or another , that state when the “me” , the self , with its aggressive demands, has completely ceased, and the mind is extraordinarily quiet, without any direct violation ,the state within. Perhaps, one may experience something that is without measure, something that is impossible to

Colours in a frame !

I see through that distant prism a faint refraction of a pure indigo shun from the final coloured drops of a painters wheel of a primary bathed in Glorious glow I see beyond that optimal, in rare subtractive through the tired brushes of a finite artist’s real sublimity sitting alone, stranded by the sea, sketching

A blind man’s date

I sit quietly In patient tryst, As I inhale joyous insentient sticks Burning round circles of mystic charm, And awaiting that faint sweet aromatic aroma Of a quaint French red wine God sent, To quench my stifling thirst (And here I figit and shuffle In my firm seat of disbelief and impatience ) And the

Can I ?

Can I ever feel The soft texture of that salubrious soul Dipped in infinite feel, As if, I knew her long Many years past Can I ever touch Blurred images Of a forgotten capsule, Merged in fond memories Of a distant dream,held Many years past Can I ever sense That faint fond fragrance Wrapped in

She is no more

No more is she The mother of our souls Who gave up something more Than her lonely pain In shielded joy , limitless Watching time fly by slowly, Year upon year, From her laced curtain windows, Sitting quietly by Waiting for the return Of her three children No more is she The mother of our

A ride into nothingness

I saw A hazy envelope Like many million dew drops Laced in loaded fantasies, Dancing static in the distance, In slow motion, erratic, as many decaying memories Fading , stripping, Slipping past blank monotonous time stood stoically static. then, In a sudden burst this white mystical mystique delicately shielding this jagged coastline and many broken

Can i ever ?

Can I ever love her Just the way she Loves me In strong connect Rudimentary Wrapped around In singular values, Warm like mother earth, Moralistic Finite Strong Unblemished Uncompromised Unspoken Can I love her Just the way she Wants me Can I , ever ?