A ride into nothingness


I saw

A hazy envelope
Like many million dew drops
Laced in
loaded fantasies,
Dancing static in the distance,
In slow motion, erratic,
many decaying memories
Fading , stripping,
Slipping past blank monotonous time
stood stoically static.
In a sudden burst
this white mystical mystique
delicately shielding
this jagged coastline
and many broken memories,
Briefly parted,
Shearing off many jilted relationships
within painless pain,
framed rotten,
around many well deserved pasts
Into one crumbling molten rush…
Hope drenched in hopelessness
Spuriously, madly , intoxicatingly
In one large arterial splurge
Spinning fast and furious
Right past this vast foggy mist
Of nothingness

She came..


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    This is after our ride to the mystical Sunderbands this week. 4 men in a small boat….looking not back , not forward , looking just at nothingness…

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