Of Timelessness

Passing the transient trail Of pleasures strong I have searched deep within for that eternal dream Of a sublime feeling Called “love” drowned in love ness ness ? And as pure as the cosmic stream Far far beyond the heavens above in subtle refuge I thought i felt nothingness…. Of a fleeting transience for a

Can I ever ?

Can I not Lose myself From the aching within Can I not Free myself From the crying within Can I not Emerge myself From the soul within Can I not Tear myself From the shadows within and bury myself, deep Into the vast infinity of time Slowly, Upon the endless shores of love Into one

Freedom from the Known

If you think it is important to know about yourself only because I or someone else has told you it is important , then I am afraid all communication between us comes to an end. But if we agree that it is vital that we understand ourselves completely , then you and I have a

The final calling

He lay perfectly quiet, prince like godot Still in sublimity In a deep peaceful sleep By the warm comfort Of his wide bedside. Not a muscle moved and his perfect countenance Lay in singular surrender, in a deep yogic trance, In reverent submission, To his final supreme provider Awaiting him with open arms For his

Desire !

Why are we tortured by desire? Why have we made desire into a tortious thing ? There is a constant desire for power , desire for position , desire for recognition, fame, sexual desire, desire to have money, to have a car and so on…what do we mean by the word desire? And why is

The beginning of Wisdom…

It may be worthwhile to spend some time in trying to find out if life has any significance at all. Not the life one leads, because modern existence has very little meaning. One gives intellectual significance to life, a theoretical , theological , intellectual or mystical meaning to it, one tries to search out a

Only a feeling

Is this but a feeling That often slowly Crawls right through you In slow motion of warmth Even a thousand miles apart Is this more than a feeling That rises sheepishly From deep within Never in expression Even if a million smiles together Is this all but a feeling That wipes clean Every smudge of

Death in all her significance

My dear friend June has suffered  when she lost her father.The suffering was long and painful but she emerged triumphant ( & like so many others who are suffering now too silently with individual bereavements ).  And June made me ask myself these inward questions on life and death.  Why do we divide life and