The final calling

He lay perfectly quiet,
prince like godot
Still in sublimity
In a deep peaceful sleep
By the warm comfort
Of his wide bedside.
Not a muscle moved
and his perfect countenance
Lay in singular surrender,
in a deep yogic trance,
In reverent submission,
To his final supreme provider
Awaiting him with open arms
For his complete release.
And then
It seemed as if
This karmic sleeping soul
smiled deeply, silently,
As if this would be
His final final Adeau
Before redirecting himself
Completely, blindly,
Towards that arriving attractive
white mystic cosmic light
Shining ever bright,
Releasing so much more
Than that joyous primal energy
In with fierce abundance
in from every direction
In a mad frenzy of arrival
And wrapping
every part of his
attractive inert physical being
in a cool calm silver balm
of pure white cosmic energy,
and with it ,
came peacefully,
complete unconditional release
( from crazy cancerous pain and more )

And this joyous primal angel
Carried with her,
From her cosmic heavenly galaxy,
Gilt edged,
an eternal message for the tired transiting soul
Conveying nothing more
The very precious ‘final calling’
From the patiently waiting
distant heavens
far far above.


  1. Mala Banerjee


    Beautiful words, consoling the bereaved by highlighting the release and relief that death brings to the sufferer!

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