Freedom of existence

All of us seek help because we are in a state of misery, confusion , conflict .We want someone to tell us what to do , someone to give us a direction , someone to solve all the mess in our lives ! We are all so confused we do not know where to turn.

Total Consciousness

When you become aware of your conditioning you will perhaps understand the whole of your consciousness. Consciousness is the complete field in which thought functions and relationships exist. All motives , desires , pleasures fears , inspirations, longing, hopes & sorrows are stored in this field. And we have over the years clinically divided consciousness

The Life Line

Introduction by Sayan Mukerji, renowned Cheirologist based in Kolkata An introduction i had written earlier for a local magazine… Louis Hamon from Ireland, alias ‘Cheiro‘, became especially well-known for his revelations about the length of the life line. In his most famous work ‘Cheiro’s The Language of the Hand‘ he wrote: “I hold that the

Skin Deep

Skin Deep There by the aircraft isle a young mother in tight jeans Leans beside her baby girl to pick up a fallen doll… and at her reach, the blue of her brief jacket lifts. My glance furtively shifts Flirting with the fleeting view Of the small of her shapely back but lovely, olive, then