Total Consciousness

When you become aware of your conditioning you will perhaps understand the whole of your consciousness. Consciousness is the complete field in which thought functions and relationships exist. All motives , desires , pleasures fears , inspirations, longing, hopes & sorrows are stored in this field. And we have over the years clinically divided consciousness into 2 broad categories ( to suit our limited understanding i suppose ! ) , the active & the dormant , the upper & lower , that is, all the daily thoughts &  feelings, activities on the surface , the conscious state, and below them we store the deep sub conscious , subjects we are not familiar with , which express themselves occasionally through certain intuitions & dreams . We have clinically and actively analysed these over centuries as 2 separate entities !

We are all our lives  occupied  with one little corner of consciousness , the rest which we call the sub conscious with all its magical unknown qualities we do not know how to get into ! Now i am asking is there anything as subconscious at all ? We use this word freely . We have accepted that there is such a thing and all the phrases and jargon of the analysts and psychologists have seeped into our lives. But is there such a thing ? And why is that we give such extraordinary importance to this ?  To me it seems it is as trivial and stupid as the conscious mind – as narrow and bigoted ,conditioned , anxious and tawdry !

So i ask the question is it possible to be totally aware of the whole field of consciousness and not merely a part or a fragment of it ? If you are aware of the totality you are functioning all the time with your total attention and not partial attention. This is so important to understand as you are now being aware of the whole field of consciousness and you now have no friction.

I shall elaborate upon this very soon…till then please accumulate your thoughts for a thunderous release…

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