Heaven on Earth denied

In quiet moonlight I wrote

her name

upon the golden sand


in  movements deep & slow

with hope of eternal stay.

But alas, the waves rushed in

and washed  her away…

in a single flash of gushing embrace

my golden sand etching.

But once again, i wrote

with a second hand

her name,

in slow deep motion of feel

But alas,

came again the tide

and  stole

her away.

Was she 

my beautiful dreamer

 dancing by the sea

Was  she

my beautiful dreamer

awaken unto me…

Was she

my angel dear

flying high in  grace 

like the lost night bird
in a cloudless  starry sky;
so  quiet like the setting light

which heaven 

on earth denied.



PS : Written this many ages ago for some one special i suppose !



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