The Life Line

Introduction by Sayan Mukerji, renowned Cheirologist based in Kolkata

Cheiro, the palmist.

An introduction i had written earlier for a local magazine…

Louis Hamon from Ireland, alias ‘Cheiro‘, became especially well-known for his revelations about the length of the life line.

In his most famous work Cheiro’s The Language of the Hand he wrote:

“I hold that the Line of Life relates to all that affects life, to the influences which govern it, to its class as regards strength; to the natural length of life, and to the important changes of country and climate.

The Line of Life should be long, narrow, and deep, without irregularities, breaks, or crosses of any kind. Such a formation promises long life, good health, and vitality.

“My theory, and one which I have proved by watching the growth of this line on the hands of children and young people, is that it rises at the base, or on the face of the Mount of Mercury, and as it grows down the hand and into the Line of Life, so does it foreshadow the growth of the illness or germ of disease which at the time of its coming in contact with the line of life will reach its climax. I wish to call special attention to this point; also to another, namely, that the Line of Life merely relates to the length of life from natural causes, but if the hepatica is as strongly marked as the Line of Life itself, their meeting at any point will be the point of death. Also, no matter how long the life line may seem to be, any abnormal development of the line of health will cause the death of the subject.”

In 1990 three British researchers published a study which indicates that the length of the life line indeed correlates with the longevity (age at death).


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In the history of palmistry the life line is one of the most famous hand lines.

Palmistry: the hand lines & the life line.

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