Death in all her significance

My dear friend June has suffered  when she lost her father.The suffering was long and painful but she emerged triumphant ( & like so many others who are suffering now too silently with individual bereavements ).  And June made me ask myself these inward questions on life and death.  Why do we divide life and

Death and Suffering

I lost three dear friends this month. They were all very good men who had lived their lives in the pure passion and zeal they deserved and had built around themselves a comforting conscious mountain of warm friendship and with it a catchment of everlasting  love. But even in my fond remembrance of my dear

CSR – A vibrant growing concept in India by Sayan Mukerji – FCA

A robust and thriving development sector is central to India’s quest for equitable, inclusive and sustainable growth. India’s development sector has evolved substantially over the last few decades and is now witnessing unprecedented interest and investments across the value chain. With the passage of the Companies Act, 2013 the mandate for corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Bullets of love ?

Does that not pierce shred and blow away Does that not crush tear apart , throw away Does  that not break shatter and take away Hope in every form known And shower the world endless with hopelessness… in the darkest of the dark hour and set us back a hundred thousand years of Christ and

Just grey ash

My friend lost her aging mother in acute suffering of her frail soul she lost more in a distant connect of a love pure unexpressed in years   My friend lost her only friend who in yesteryears wept in joyous joy And shielded my friend from the boisterous world from unknown strangers from strange fears

It seems as if

When My daughter & I, Walk In footsteps matched In the quiet of the evening sun   It seems as if, The curtain of reason Shall in eternal drape, Fold together Moments precious, magic So like the fragile string Holding together A million colourful beads Of wonder memories Of a priceless diamond necklace   It

The image of love !

When there is no conflict in love , it being impersonal , would you call it by another name ? When does conflict arise in love ? That’s a dreadful question isn’t it ? its a dreadful statement there is conflict in love ! All our human relationships are a conflict , with the wife

My Theosophy as a seeker !

Theosophy literally means Divine Wisdom , and  although the term has associations with Helena Blavatsky and Leadbeater , it has links with the past and dates back to antiquity ! To me however the roots of theosophy lies with the conviction that everything manifested and unmanifested , created and uncreated , divine or material ,


  As I lie awake In the middle of the excruciating dark night Crying deep within In white sheering pain Of open torn nerves Of throbbing discontent I feel like a broken animal in an alter place, Sacrificial , So like A deathly dying benediction And As the dark night Gets darker In deepening crisis