The image of love !

When there is no conflict in love , it being impersonal , would you call it by another name ? When does conflict arise in love ? That’s a dreadful question isn’t it ? its a dreadful statement there is conflict in love ! All our human relationships are a conflict , with the wife , the husband , with the neighbour and so on..Why does conflict exist  at all between two human beings, between husband and wife and so on , in that relationship we call love ? why ? What does the word relationship mean ? I am related to you..does that means i can touch you , actually physically or mentally. But in human relationships there is no such immediate contact, because you the husband or the wife , have only an image of the wife or husband ! Dont you have an image of me while i am scribbling these lines ? Obviously you do otherwise you would not care to read. So you have a relationship with the image and if that image is not according to your pattern then you say ” He is not the right man ” You actually have no contact with the speaker / me at all .You only have a contact with the image that you have created over me , just as you have an image about your wife and your husband , and this contact , the relationship between these two images is what you call relationship.The conflict is in between these two images , and as long as these images exist there will be conflict. But is there is no image at all. which is something extraordinary, into which one has to go quite deeply – if there is no image at all , then there is no conflict. If you have no image about me … then there is love , there is no conflict. because love has no image. Love dos’nt build images because love is not touched by thought. Love is not of time. 

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