My Theosophy as a seeker !

Theosophy literally means Divine Wisdom , and  although the term has associations with Helena Blavatsky and Leadbeater , it has links with the past and dates back to antiquity ! To me however the roots of theosophy lies with the conviction that everything manifested and unmanifested , created and uncreated , divine or material , emantes from a state of pure unity , immeasurable , incomprehensible  to the intellect , yet all pervasive. This transcendent reality is accessible to physical man through a process of mystical realisation , or union, and it is only within this experience of this unity that true wisdom is to be found ( or so i believe ). This is not just primordial wisdom but the firm ground based on which most religions of the world have been built on.  I do not have the knowledge or the intellect to trace this progression over centuries and continents ,  but i do have the courage to accept that  Divine Wisdom  (thankfully broken free from religious dogmas , rituals , priestcraft and related bigotory ) ,  can pave the way for a mystical few ( i term as true seekers ), perhaps even within the boundaries of restricted living.  Only those few who have the courage to be a true seeker can try break free ( even within the hurly burly of attainment  )  to search around and within for this  mystical elusive divine divinity ! Come join this search  my friend and find your own golden path to the final mutation of your irresolute soul..


  1. Saibal


    A true seeker looks for enlightenment throughout life. It is the most difficult path to travel and to persevere without getting distracted or frustrated. Let us all fellow seekers share our experiences thru this blog! Getting a great guide for the journey of enlightenment is difficult- at least let the shared wisdom of travellers help everybody.

  2. Reply

    Saibal your energy is my energy ! You showed me the power of Reiki and her infinite attributes

    Please feel free to scribble whenever…

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