Across my balcony often

My dream garden

Across my balcony often ,
I see her standing
By the early morning sunshine
Working quietly by herself
In movements tender
Amidst the soft greens
Of her potted plants
spread all around her
In an unseen embrace
and in pure grace
As in a pure light of brotherly love …
I see
the faint outline of her
beautiful straight white hair
waving in slow motion
In the stillness of the
early morning breeze
Freezing time
and space
and everything in between …
I then see many mystical images
floating around her,
Amidst this unseen aura
of an undiluted divinity
there seems to flow
an endless splash of warmth
In joyous patterns
In an illusive embrace ..
I then see
Chattery little chirping birds
fly in merrily
By her vast protective net in abeyance
From one silent perch upon another
Daily , as if with each visit
Bringing in new tidings
new joys of hope…
and yet slowly, steadily
with each languid journey ,
These chirping tweeties
build an eternal nest
Of lovingness
Secure yet steadfast
right upon the tender green olive railing
right across my balcony often …


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