The Arrival

Nayantara Mohanty

Tara the unborn star, unseen, afar

Many galaxies beyond when Shalini gave birth,

To her precious little seed, waiting to unfold

restless, upon our heavenly cosmos, in completeness.

And in the vast vacuum of unfathomable silence, she grew

as to her new terrestrial home she knew no doors,

As she moved around in motionless slow

wavering weightless upon space & beyond, ministerial…

And time seized upon this vastness, beyond this infinite darkness,

where the deep unconscious grew into heavenly sparkling atoms,

where there were no rules, no pulls, no force, no eons,

where all boisterous outward movements are unseen, unobserved.

Longing, for a hearth upon the soft rolling valleys beyond Hellos

Where, on earth, there was no suffering, no hurt, no pain

Where flowers bloomed in ecstasy and the evergreen trees whispered in silence,

Upon little secrets of existence, unheard by mankind’s deathly race for survival.

And as Tara grows patiently, she plays upon the flute of time

Unstrung upon the sharp strings of memories, harping tireless melodies,

as she knew little secrets of love, untouched, unraveled, unfelt

as she travelled ponder less, towards life’s wonderous pure white fragrance…

Strange like a song without words or a dance in measureless measure

she treads upon vast edges of dawn & upon twilights grey margin,

that heals, earths uneasy ease with her soft feet of clay,

until sunlight’s lustier rise, lays hope to mankind in an infinite freeze,

Upon the first light of dawn.

Upon the last light of dusk…

Tara glows….

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