Shalini & Me

When i smell the white talcum
smeared across the soft bums
of the new born child,
held tenderly
By her protective mother’s arms
across my verandah,
I think of her

When i sight my morning porridge
mixed in a sluggish slur
by the chequered breakfast table
In my morning rush
i think of Farex
yesteryears and beyond,
I think of her…

When I step across my landing wide,
for the lazy lift
to crawl up
I wait in eternity, it seems
Then suddenly, a pony tailed
bubbly girl steps out sprightly,
I think of her..

When I start my black car
In the monotone of a boring buzz
I let go my clutch
I let go much more
I remember then to deftly switch on
the “mooosik” of my life
i think of her…

When I “dwive” past evening trees
In slow motion of feel
i “dwive” past a pure white moon,
In a timeless reel,
I let go of all that i carry with me
I then let go of all memories, yet
I think of her.

When I hear by nightfall quiet
faintly in the distance,
A heavenly duet,
Of a piano & a violin
In a playful tryst
A timeless melody
In one magic of it all,
I think of her.


  1. Madhumita


    Can very well feel the emotion of a doting father for his apple of the eye missing her growing up years while feeling proud for the beautiful young lady she has become! That is the paradox of life dear Sayan! Your expression is so genuinely spontaneous yet so graceful 🤗

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