Manchester by the Sea

The sea is calm tonight

The tide is full , the moon lies fair

Its the night of my dreams ….

As I lose myself to a calling within

I hear a celestial voice so pure

far from the shifting dunes of our daily lives….

Singing perhaps, a soft lilting lullaby

whispering by the shore,

many miles away ,

And in a soft gush of divine tapestry

I hear beautiful thoughts

Of a million words unsaid,

She said nothing…

As if , she said it all

All gilt edged by the silver moon

Bound many years past.

And I see her lovely sad round eyes

Loveable, as her untouched soul…

And I feel that magical touch,

Of her soft healing fingers

Which slip in silently without any touch of reason,

As her black curls keep running adorable rivulets

Along definitive invisible contours of my senses,

Reaching beyond every sand dune of hope,

In the slow movement of time ,

Everything come to a standstill.

Sublime like

Manchester by the sea,

I drown merrily by my dreams

In the quiet of the mid night hour

Life seems so complete !


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