Another circle around the sun

She travels once again
Like a seasoned time traveler
Across deep seas and golden dunes
In a fearless search
Of some passionate work
And a ‘perfect’ love.
And here she seeks,
In carefree abandon
Like an adorable princess
In a distant kingdom
An ever charming source
of completeness.
And in all the graceful flow
Of her youthful spirits
She searches intuitively,
Within religions, without fear
Around the continent of her dreams
For that ‘perfect’ happiness.
In full freedom from her past.
And every evening
While she awaits
by her picturesque balcony
She caresses
setting sunsets
In completeness,
In Abundance,
and cradles quietly
the silver moon
Along the silky waterway
Of her nimble senses,
She awaits patiently
for that limitless fulfil.
And with her
Twin gold fishes
She adores
The brilliant bright lights
Of distant hope,
Flashing musically
by the fearless Burj
She too is burning bright
in all her majestic delight
Standing tall
Reaching for the stars
In all her dreams.

And suddenly,
She has travelled
Another journey past
That distant galaxy
Another warm circle of joy.
She has seen
She has felt
She has lived
Some of her dreams
Another circle round the sun.


  1. Sayan Mukerji


    this was scribbled on Shalini’s birthday midnight on the spur of the moment…the twin gold fishes P and Q are her constant companion.

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