Being alone

She sits by the window
All quiet by herself
At the crack of dawn
Listening attentively
to the carefree chirping birds
And something enormous
Tries to fill
Her empty soul
With a million
Smiles of nothingness

She then clutches onto
the grey round grills
By the alley window
Securing her firmly
From the rush outside
of life, of movements,
From all the boisterous noise
But there is no escape
For the ever holding mind
Is but chained to a forgotten past
Anchor like,
With a million
Smiles of sadness

She then spies
Some singular white flower
Flourishing tapestry like
In the middle of the
Murky still water
In the corner at the park
around dirty green moss
And endless lame frogs
Jumping in random glee
Something suddenly surfaces
From deep within
With a million
Bubbles of hopefulness

And the four
Grey Inert walls of isolation
Standing in ominous stern
Day in and out
In deathly boredom
Of confinement ,
Suddenly diminishes
When the colourful inter play
Of the setting sun
Engulfs every corner
In one peaceful spread
Of that perfect portray
Something cries
Deep within
With a million
Shades of simple happiness

She is then less alone..


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