A Golden Harvest !

Oh yes,
It seems so many glorious seasons ago
Meandering through life’s spirited decades
In one slow motion of eternal joy
When every moment
seemed as precious
as its previous,
When it seemed as if
Young ‘Uttam’ met ‘Suchitra’,
and some sultry spurious seconds
Were wrapped in gilt edged memories
and bound together
in one sublime gold etched frame
suspended in time,
( And then perhaps lost in timelessness…)
When simple moments
Of love and hope
In twin tenderness,
Were held together by
A thin unbroken string
Running through, tying a million
precious memory beads,
As in life’s priceless necklace
Only to be worn
as in one stellar ornament
Revealing nothing more than
A trillion translucent droplets
Of happiness…and
Moonstruck, by a midnight trance
When suddenly, across thin air,
A mouth organ played
A sensuous lyrical tune
Luring the warm angelic sharp eyes
To distract herself from
The worldliness of a Virgo paradigm
And submit to that ethereal
calling within,
And reveal to this soulful musician
That building bridges was merely a
Hobby into fantasy land
So like the jovial reality
Created by their joyous son
Who carefree in ex Trump land
Made America great again
While the beautiful ‘in lawned’ daughter
Watered the tender plants patiently
Toiled hard by the day, in full stay
Till these wonder plants grew fast
So like the sibling pipal trees in giggling delight
Wavering and dancing carefree in the breeze, in magical musical duets
And of course time passages,
And black turns grey, and grey white,
And everything seems to slow down for a while,
and the breathing goes easy ,
As if two heart beats into one,
As the mathematician and engineer
Build reality within their dreams
In a strange deconstructed honesty subtle in their unite
This unique momentum  propels them through
time and space
In one fairytale journey
around life’s mystery …
and this sojourn continues
Many miles more,
Many suns more,
Many romances more,
This life and ever,
Arm in arm
Shoulder upon shoulder
Step upon step
They march proudly, lovingly,
In 50 years of togetherness
Right past the morning sunrise …

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