Time Passages


It’s late at night
and in a restless state
I stare outwardly, blank
into the deep dark corridors of time
and i see nothing.

But a faint outline of an imageless imagination

Wrapped in a void,

Floating freely,

lost in the vast cosmos all around

as if not belonging to it all..

In one measureless measure

far beyond thought.


And once again

I see nothing.

And in the round circle of a movement

called Life,

I see a world beyond a world

swivel in a tryst caught amidst the mesh of time

In an axis in rotation, in turn,

turn round and round…

and often I am tempted to lose “myself”
this hyperion mask
Of awkwardness,
As I search inwardly

and discard ,
All that I craved for randomly,
All that I dreamt of silently,
All that I desired breathlessly,
across many waking hours
of my wavering holding past.

and then, by my deepening quest
For a subtle refuge
I shed silently, my conscious belief

Amidst all those twinkling stars

and amidst their angelic shields

In the freckled darkness of the deepening night,
I await,

for the first glorious rays of sunshine

To arrive swiftly,


In awakening….


  1. Grindelia


    May the angelic wings of redemption arrive soon and let the glorious sunshine brighten up your life!

    Wonderful as always!

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