Can I ?

Can I ever feel The soft texture of that salubrious soul Dipped in infinite feel, As if, I knew her long Many years past Can I ever touch Blurred images Of a forgotten capsule, Merged in fond memories Of a distant dream,held Many years past Can I ever sense That faint fond fragrance Wrapped in

She is no more

No more is she The mother of our souls Who gave up something more Than her lonely pain In shielded joy , limitless Watching time fly by slowly, Year upon year, From her laced curtain windows, Sitting quietly by Waiting for the return Of her three children No more is she The mother of our

A ride into nothingness

I saw A hazy envelope Like many million dew drops Laced in loaded fantasies, Dancing static in the distance, In slow motion, erratic, as many decaying memories Fading , stripping, Slipping past blank monotonous time stood stoically static. then, In a sudden burst this white mystical mystique delicately shielding this jagged coastline and many broken

is that sunflower mine ?

I see her Every morn as I whizz past Noida Express wide… Smiling golden Swaying in full freedom Of her joyous existence, I feel her, In crazy abandon Of her fiery spell I spy her, in slow motion of nothingness A thousand frames Of standstill she waves gallant In the sunshine of her infinite happiness…

Can i ever ?

Can I ever love her Just the way she Loves me In strong connect Rudimentary Wrapped around In singular values, Warm like mother earth, Moralistic Finite Strong Unblemished Uncompromised Unspoken Can I love her Just the way she Wants me Can I , ever ?  

Bullets of love ?

Does that not pierce shred and blow away Does that not crush tear apart , throw away Does  that not break shatter and take away Hope in every form known And shower the world endless with hopelessness… in the darkest of the dark hour and set us back a hundred thousand years of Christ and

Just grey ash

My friend lost her aging mother in acute suffering of her frail soul she lost more in a distant connect of a love pure unexpressed in years   My friend lost her only friend who in yesteryears wept in joyous joy And shielded my friend from the boisterous world from unknown strangers from strange fears

It seems as if

When My daughter & I, Walk In footsteps matched In the quiet of the evening sun   It seems as if, The curtain of reason Shall in eternal drape, Fold together Moments precious, magic So like the fragile string Holding together A million colourful beads Of wonder memories Of a priceless diamond necklace   It